Our second video of our 2nd album “Uncertain world” comes from our live presentation on 28th December 2017 @ Holy Wood Stage. You can’t avoid it.
But you can avoid all those who are making your life miserable and toxic.
Video by Jim Barbayiannis

Mediterranean Dream

Our third Video from our Second album “Uncertain World”
Song No. 5 Mediterranean Dream
Central – Eastern -Western Mediterranean Deaths
since 2014: 15846 people
2014: 3283 | 2015: 3783 | 2016: 5143 | 2017: 3139 | 2018 1stQ: 498

The proportion of deaths vs arrivals increasing :
2017 1stQ: 2% Arrivals: 39651 Deaths: 790
2018 1stQ: 3.4% Arrivals: 14462 Deaths: 498

16 Blue Notes

This is a tribute Lyric video of our song written for Alexis F.
On 2015 he left this world at the age of sixteen.
This song is also dedicated to all parents ever lost a child.
For all those “young stars” up there …
Sixteen Blue Notes No. 9 in our Second album “Uncertain World”.

Uncertain World

The title song from our second album “Uncertain World”. This song was created by Perfect faith, for the movie: Smile in the mirror (by director John Theodorakopoulos). John is also the creator of this video.


This is our final song in our second album “Uncertain World” ( No .10 ) This acoustic ballad called True. Many thanks to hands-up.org and our friend Makrina for helping us make this Video in International Sign language. ( ISL )
Many thanks also to our good friend and director John Theo.

The shell

The Shell is a very special song written to capture very special moments and feelings… a love confession. No.10 in our debut album “Rise”.

White Days of Spring

White days of spring , what a video , what a song No.2 in our debut album “Rise” Dedicated to all the children of the world.


Rise is the front stage song of our Perfect faith’s philosophy, a political prospect song no 4 of our debut Album with the same name

A promise

Promise was filmed at the amazing Rio (Patras) bridge. No. 6 in our debut album “Rise”. A beautiful romantic concept created by director J. Theodorakopoulos