Rise appears with the significant contribution of many good musicians & friends.Edited with great care, creating a music atmosphere that reminds good old times.

“Our main Ingredient and the starting point is our pure and long love for music. That is why at least one of our 12 short stories, created by our thoughts, experiences and feelings will touch you and become your favorite”


  1. Looking forward
  2. United
  3. Winter in your Heart
  4. Parasites in the dark
  5. Mediterranean Dream
  6. Avoid
  7. Ticking
  8. Uncertain World
  9. Sixteen Blue Noted
  10. True


RISE Lyrics

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The album is fully recorded & produced by George Kondogeoros & John Raptis,
All songs are written and composed by George Kondogeorgos / Perfect faith
Remixed & Remastered at MMA Studios by Constantine Theodorou & George Kondogeorgos

Special and many thanks to our friends :
Ventouri Eirini – Back Vocals
Kakoyiannis Tassos – contrabass
Nikolakopoulos Nikos – Violins

Many many thanks to:

Natasha Tsirou a.k.a. The Mighty N for her help and contribution.
Our Host at MMA “Steve Sovo”
“Sevi Panou” for her beautiful CD artwork

“You are all part of it…”